WCBBA Dallas 11/28/20 – High School – Tournament Winners – Hurricanes Elite

Dedicated directors are with you every step of the way to make sure your experience before, during and after is memorable.

Any team with Michael Rapaport as the head coach is going to be fun to watch. To make things more exciting, the team’s star players were NBA champion Brian “White Mamba” Scalabrine and Mike Bibby. Led by GM Matt Bonner (formerly nicknamed “Red Mamba”), this team had a blast on and off the court, cracking jokes and making TBT all about the fun. When asked about how often the team practiced in a post-game interview, Rapaport jokingly referenced Allen Iverson’s famous tirade by proclaiming: “Practice? We in here talking ‘bout practice? This is the Grantland team and we’re in here talkin’ ‘bout practice?”

The Pistol Shrimps joined TBT solely for the smiles and the good times. This all-female LA-based team of actresses, models, and comedians simply did not care if they lost, as long as they were having a blast doing it. In their only TBT game, they lost to LAUNFD, 139-34. However, what the score from that game did not show was the constant fun and games that the Pistol Shrimps displayed. This manifested early in the game when Melissa Stetten jumped on her opponent’s back in an attempt to stop him from finishing a wide open lay-up.

Pedro’s Posse had the most memorable backcourt in TBT history. The team featured former NBA stars Mike Bibby and Jason ‘White Chocolate’ Williams. The all-star guards showcased their famous ball-handling skills, making Pedro’s Posse one of the most entertaining teams in TBT. To go along with the team’s exciting style of play, Williams also pulled up and drained multiple threes from deep, reviving fans’ memories of his NBA days.

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