WCBBA Dallas 11/28/20 – High School – 2nd Place – Texas All American Prep

We take care of our coaches because we know that they are the engine of the team. Over communication is the only form of communication and we understand that booking a tournament is not the most important thing that you do. Every tournament Coaches receive a complimentary meal so you can focus on what matters most, winning.

TMD was an exciting team for one reason: they were the bad boys. The team centered around NCAA villain Marshall Henderson and some of his old college and AAU teammates. Feeding off the crowd and the energy, Henderson and his buddies played with an excitement and a confidence that couldn’t be matched.

TBT 2018 was all about Jimmer and Team Fredette. Jimmer brought the fun to TBT and did not forget to bring his scoring abilities, as he became the tournament’s all-time leader in points per game (31.0). Fredette simply stole the show and made his team a must-watch, grabbing all the attention and stoking excitement in fans nationwide.

Travis Diener and the Golden Eagles made watching TBT worth every minute in 2019. Whether it was three point bombs, transition dunks, tough finishes, game-winners, and legendary post-game interviews, the Golden Eagles were a blast to follow. Twitter users were buzzing about this team’s on-court play and Travis Diener’s hysterical off-court comments. After hitting an Elam Ending winner in the semifinals, Diener was asked how he was going to prepare for the championship game. The Golden Eagles legend responded, saying, “Well right now I’m gonna go back to the hotel room and drink about six Miller Lites.” Just one year later, Diener and the Golden Eagles took home the championship in TBT 2020.

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