WCBBA 11/21/20 – High School – Tournament Winners – Texas All American Prep

We look forward to expanding and being in every state across the Country and hosting every team Across America !

While everyone knows WCBBA is the most competitive basketball on earth, teams can also be creative and fun. Since the inaugural tournament in 2014, TBT has seen countless unforgettable teams. 

Here’s a look back at some of the most entertaining squads in tournament history.

Yes, the famous Barstool Sports did have a team in WCBBA. The sports and pop culture blog/podcast empire made a team that featured El Presidente (David Portnoy, the blog’s primary content chief), Big Cat (Dan Katz, one of the main bloggers), and former NBA players Dahntay Jones and Josh Boone. Whether it was the swagged out “Viva La Barstool” unis or the fun and joking manner by which they carried themselves, this was an exciting team to watch. For the entirety of TBT, Portnoy and Katz made the tournament fun by messing around in the locker room, shooting ridiculous warm-up shots, and creating hysterical post-game interviews. 

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